Structural Steel Products Corp. has always been a leader in the automation of heavy highway steel fabrication.  In fact, as a leader in the industry as far back as 1998, we were the first bridge fabricator in the country to put in place a robotic arm for welding.

We have approximately 35 acres which allows for the staging and storage of fabricated product until you are ready to receive your material at the job site.

Our Material Processing shop operates two 80 foot plus burning tables (oxyfuel, plasma, and drilling/milling capabilities), a Peddinghaus Drill Line, a Peddinghaus Angle Line, automated saws, a Piranha Ironworker machine, among other smaller equipment.  MatPro can do any type of fabrication, from large parts for our bridges, to beams and clips for the structural steel building industry, and anything in between.

The Girder Shop has a focus on the production of bridge steel fabrication and is capable of producing plate girders up to 96” in height, 100,000 lbs in weight, and lengths in excess of 150 feet.  We utilize any and all automation opportunities that we can to make us a more efficient facility.

SSPC can fabricate all aspects of your project, big or small, but we specialize in heavy columns, trusses, and girders. As a full-service bridge fabrication company, we are capable of fabricating almost any type of bridge structure, and have done so from simple rolled beam bridges, to bascule/pivot bridges, to curved continuous span plate girder bridges, to fracture critical railroad structures.  With approximately 40 years of experience, nearly every type of heavy fabrication has passed through our doors.

All of this happens at our facilities in Clayton, NC, which is located within close proximity to the I-95 and I-40 corridors allowing easy transport of our products up and down the East coast.

Our fabrication abilities, coupled with our coating and trucking capabilities, makes us a competitive “one stop shop” for just about any project.