Structural Steel Products Corp. has three active fabrication shops, each with their own focuses of work.

Everything starts in our Material Processing shop which houses two 80 foot plus burning tables (oxyfuel, plasma, and drilling/milling capabilities), a Peddinghaus Drill Line, a Peddinghaus Angle Line, automated saws, a Piranha Ironworker machine, among other smaller equipment.  MatPro can do any type of fabrication, from large parts for our bridges, to beams and clips for the structural steel building industry, to decorative panels, and anything in between.

The Beam Shop is where all of our “smaller” fabrication type work occurs.  Crossframes, diaphragms, expansion joints, etc for both steel and prestressed concrete bridge structures.  Rolled beam and truss structures. Also, weldments of any kind, soundwall and retaining wall columns…the list is never ending.

The Girder Shop has a focus on the production of bridge steel fabrication and is capable of producing plate girders up to 96” in height, 100,000 lbs in weight, and lengths in excess of 150 feet.  While bridge steel is a primary product in this shop, it is not the only thing we do in here as we have provided large beam/girder members for the building industry as well. And just like in our other shops, the girder shop looks to utilize any and all automation opportunities that we can to make us a more efficient facility. 

We are committed to continually improving our services, processes and products with the goal of providing our customers the best product at the most competitive price.